Best Sunroof Installation Company in Houston


If you’re looking for the highest quality and most affordable sunroof installation in Houston, Texas Auto Trim has you covered. Our experts can install and repair sunroofs and moonroofs in your car, van, SUV or truck. For nearly 40 years our team in Houston has worked together to build our reputation for quality craftsmanship and honest, affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for a spoiler sunroof, pop-up, sliding, or double sunroof, we’ll be sure you get exactly what you want.

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Custom Sunroof Installation

Sunroofs and moonroofs add multiple elements of style and functionality to your vehicle. A well-installed sunroof can increase your auto’s value. It also changes the airflow and can cut down on a/c by increasing ventilation. They cut down on noise in your vehicle by allowing you to have the airflow you want without having to open the side windows. And of course we all know the joy you feel of having light shining down on you as you cruise down the road.

Custom Panoramic Sunroof Installation

Panoramic sunroofs are becoming more and more popular as sunroof technology advances every year. People love double panel sunroofs that let in even more light, increase airflow, and look great. They give you the feel of riding in a convertible without the fuss of having to deal with the complicated mechanisms involved in putting your roof up and down.

Sunroof and Moonroof Repair

If your existing sunroof or moonroof is in disrepair, let us help! Be sure to bring it in quickly, as ignoring a small problem now could lead to big complications later.

Cracked Sunroof or Moonroof Repair

The smallest crack can turn into shattered glass in an instant. Imagine hitting a pothole and the glass above your head shattering. If you bring it in as soon as you notice a crack starting, there’s a solid chance the glass can be repaired rather than needing a complete replacement.

Leaking Sunroof or Moonroof Repair

If you notice even the smallest leak in your sunroof or moonroof, bring it in for inspection right away. There may be an issue with the rubber gasket, or the glass itself, or another issue. Whatever the case, a leaky roof can lead to a number of problems including ruined interior, electrical issues, and even mold.

Malfunctioning Sunroof or Moonroof Repair

The two major causes of malfunctioning sunroofs are electrical issues or debris stuck in the tracks. Either way, the best thing to do is take it into a shop as soon as possible. You don’t want to get stuck in the rain with a broken sunroof.

If you have any questions about our custom sunroof installation services, feel free to contact us anytime at (713) 661-5557 or stop into our shop at 6025 Bissonnet Street. Houston TX, 77081.