Stone & Bug Deflectors

Sleek and low profile, the WeatherTech® Easy-On® Stone & Bug Deflector is aerodynamically designed to provide excellent protection against stone chips and bug stains.

Made from aerospace-grade acrylic, it is virtually indestructible and extremely scratch resistant. Attaches easily to most SUVs, trucks, minivans or cars using either a 3M® brand automotive adhesive tape or fasteners that use existing holes in the vehicle’s hood. No drilling is required. A beautiful and protective addition to any vehicle.

Your vehicle is an expensive investment. Protect it and keep it looking its best with the stone & bug deflector. It’s easy to use and won’t require you to modify your vehicle in any way. However, it does offer protection that you’ll appreciate.

Stones fly up as you drive; your tire runs over a small rock, kicks it up, and you don’t even know it. The next time you wash your car, you start to notice little nicks and chips, and you’re left wondering how it happened. Now you know; it’s those stones that you barely notice. The Stone & Bug deflector keeps those stones from chipping your paint.

How many times have you had to scrape bugs from your car when you are washing it? It’s an unpleasant task, and unfortunately, damage can occur from the bugs. The acid from the bug splatters can etch into the paint job, right through the clear coat. Bugs are everywhere; imagine how much damage they can do after an entire spring and summer? If you don’t want to spend the entire season washing your car and scraping bugs off as soon as they appear, you have to do something to protect your car.

Let the Stone & Bug protector protect your investment; it will help keep your paint job pristine. A new paint job is expensive. Unfortunately, while bugs and stones seem like small hazards, for your car’s paint job, they are major. The Stone & Bug Deflector is an easy-to-use accessory that you and your car need. It saves your car from damage and saves you time and money.

Order yours today so you can put stone and bug damage out of your mind and focus on the beautiful scenery instead.