H.I.D. (High Intensity Discharge) Lamps

H.I.D lamps have race proven performance and durability. Combined with industry leading technology and state of the art components. The bulbs provide a crisp 4000 kelvin (pure white) rating to provide you with the most light output possible from a xenon lamp. H.I.D’s are the number one choice for championship off-road racers around the world.

Working with WRC Rally race teams. The introduction of the shock lamp has taken the racing world by storm. The H.I.D Shock Lamps have crossed the finish line in first place more than any other light on the market. The Shock Lamps come in three popular sizes, a 4″, 6″, and an 8″ lamp to fit any need or demand.

HID bulbs do not have filaments like standard halogen bulbs, but instead consists of xenon gas, mercury, and metal halide salts. The xenon gas is ignited by an arc of high-voltage current and glows brightly (around 7X more output than Halogen Lamps). Also, the high voltage is supplied by a ballast combined with the perfect combination of gases have made H.I.D lamps the choice of winning racers around the world.