Hollandia TVS 900

A premiere two panel, twin venting power inbuilt sunroof. Available in 3 sizes. Comes with choice of basic and advanced controls. Also comes with a Rain Sensor option.

Spoiler Style Sunroofs

Spoiler Style Sunroofs combine the basic design of a pop-up with a complex mechanism which allows the glass to both vent and slide open. Because the glass remains tilted, there is little wind noise due to turbulence hitting the rear edge of the hold the glass acts like a spoiler, smoothly routing the air flow over top.

INBUILT Sunroofs

INBUILT Sunroofs (internal sliding; moonroofs). When closed, the sunroof panel is flush with the roofskin, and when open, it retracts between the roof and headliner. Inbuilts require a water management system [catch tray and drain tubes]

Enhanced electronic control adds features including programmable preset positions, safety auto reverse and auto-close on ignition off to express open/close. Optional rain sensors can be installed which detect moisture and will close the sunroof even if the vehicle is left unattended, so the sunroof may be left vented or open in the parking lot all day without concern for getting wet.