Fabtech’s 6″ RTS™

Utilizing a patent pending bracket system that keep the torsion bars raised up, in the stock location. This feature provides superior ground clearance at the frame as there are no torsion bars hanging down to become high centered on or damaged when offroading.
The 6″ RTS™ system has been designed with unitized bracketry to retain the four front compression stops of the vehicle as GM intended.

This distributes impact loads across a wide section of the frame rather than at a single point.
High arched crossmembers and front differential skid plate are constructed of 1/4″ thick steel to resist bending from hard front suspension impacts. Only 1/4″ thick steel provides the rigidity and strength necessary to relocate the torsion bars, bump stops and lower control arms properly.

Minimal heavy duty bracketry allow for a fast installation time with only two holes to drill and no cutting of the front diff housing. The 6″ RTS™ system allows the use of both 18″ and 20″ diameter wheels.