Vehicle wraps offer a strong protective barrier that shields your car, truck or SUV’s paint, allowing it to keep its original color and shine for years. . We have a variety of colors, materials, and finishes that will give your car a fresh new look and keep it protected from the elements. 

Protective Clear Wraps | PPF | Clear Bra

Whether you have a car, truck, van or SUV, our auto wrap services will be sure to make your car look amazing and keep it protected. Many people choose auto wraps to give their car an affordable new look without having to commit to it for the rest of your vehicle’s lifespan. They are easy to install and can be switched without ever damaging your interior. Happy with your current paint job but looking for some added protection? You can also get a clear wrap that will preserve and defend your vehicle’s body.  

Texas Auto Trim has been establishing our shining reputation in the Houston, TX area for over 35 years by providing stellar customer service, premier workmanship, and the lowest prices. If you have any questions about our auto customizing services, give us a call us today at (713) 661-5557 to speak with one of our friendly experts. Or stop into our showroom to see our previous work and get a free vehicle wrap estimate.

Many drivers have a strong attachment to their car; they want to keep it showroom-clean and safe. Some drivers would love to be able to wrap their car in bubble wrap to keep it clean and safe. Of course, it wouldn’t be feasible to bubble wrap your vehicle, but there is something that keeps your paint shiny and scratch-free for years and also allows you to change the look of your car when you want to. If this sounds great to you, consider car wraps.

Sometimes, technological advances give us something that we didn’t even know we wanted, but once it’s here, we wonder how we lived without it; this is the case with car wraps. These wraps are placed around your vehicle. No one can even tell they are there, but they keep the car clean and the paint safe. Anything that falls on the car lands on the wrap, where it won’t do any damage. The car stays shiny and beautiful.

What makes car wraps truly amazing is you can choose a wrap that changes the look of your vehicle. We have colors and finishes that let you customize the look of your vehicle. The great thing is, when or if you want to go back to the original look and color of the car, you can do that quickly and easily. It’s great to be able to change your car’s color without the expense and long-term commitment of a new paint job. If you’ve ever wanted to try a new look for your car, now you can.

Car Wraps Houston

Texas Auto Trim is the premier auto customizing business in the Houston area. We specialize in car wrap services, using only the highest quality vinyl material. Our certified installers have years of experience and love helping our customers. They can walk you through the process, show you all of your options, and help you find a custom wrap that fits your needs, aesthetic, and budget. Feel free to stop into our shop at 6025 Bissonnet Street. Houston TX, 77081 to take a look at our previous work and chat with one of our friendly and knowledgeable experts.

We Do Wraps Differently

This is where we set ourselves apart from most wrap shops. Our talented installers are able to completely disassemble your vehicle from front to back, including: bumpers, headlights and taillights, trims, gaskets, emblems, door handles and more. This allows us to completely tuck and wrap around each corner, minimizing the chances of bubbling and peeling. This isn’t meant to scare you by any means as our technicians have over 15 years of experience disassembling and reassembling all types of vehicles from Toyota to Lamborghini. To put it simply, you’re getting what you pay for and then some.

Satin Wraps

Matte Wraps

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Wrap Install Process

What your wrap install includes

– Descaling Foam Bath Pre-Soak
– Wheel Deep Clean
– Microfiber Hand Wash
– Physical Paint Decontamination (Clay bar)

– Chemical Decontamination (Iron Remover)
– De-ionized Water Rinse
– Compressed Air Dry
– Streak Free Glass Wipedown

 – Paint Prep
– Trims Masked Off
– Non-Sling Tire Shine
– Complimentary Vacuum & Interior Wipedown

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Vehicle Wraps in Houston

Frequently asked questions

The difference between us is that we aim to offer an experience for our wraps, rather than a service or product from the time you begin to choose colors to delivery day. We want you to feel completely included throughout the project with constant updates and progress photos throughout the whole process. On the install side, other wrap shops are just “slapping on” the material and calling it a day. We are sure to completely prep your vehicle, disassemble it from front to back to ensure the wrap lasts as long as possible, making it a headache free experience, use the highest quality film and be completely straightforward and honest about everything we install and its process.
On average, wraps have a lifespan of anywhere from 3-5 years depending on how well you maintain your vehicle/wrap. The better the maintenance, the longer it lasts. Additionally, you can always boost the lifetime of the wrap with additives like Ceramic Coatings.
To put it simply, PPF lasts longer, does not come in as many color options and is meant primarily for protection. Vinyl Wrap, on the other hand, is for those looking for a temporary color change of the vehicle. It offers protection, at the very slightest, but nowhere near PPF. Wrap film is quite thin and does not last as long as PPF, while PPF is much thicker, self healing, long lasting and to be honest, more expensive.
As silky smooth paint jobs could potentially come out, they cost a fortune. Vinyl wraps offer you the ability to change the color of your vehicle without committing to that color for a lifetime at more than half the cost of a proper paint job. 
At Texas Auto Trim, it is one of our top priorities to be able to offer you the best experience and be sure that you are comfortable with your choices. We offer a hyperrealistic, 3D rendering program that allows us to render the color of your wrap, wheels, tint and more on your exact vehicle.