Paint Protection Film (PPF)
in Houston

Your car deserves the best protection against the harsh elements of the road. At Texas Auto Trim, we offer the highest quality paint protection film at an affordable price. We’ll even beat any PPF installation quote you bring us! Get in touch with us today! 

Ultra-Gloss Finish

Enhance the depth of your color and add extra gloss to your car with the DYNOshield’s ultra-gloss finish.


DYNOshield’s top coating allows water, dust, debris, and other elements less likely to stick on your car’s surface, making it easier to clean.


DYNOshield boasts super self-healing properties, effectively shielding against swirl marks, surface-level nicks and scratches.


Stain Resistant Worried about stains? Our film protects your car against even the toughest stains means fewer worries about any discoloration.

Damage Resistant

Using STEK’s innovative TPU technology, DYNOshield protects your car against dents, rock chips, and other impact damages.

PPF Coverage Options

PPF install Process

What your PPF install includes

– Descaling Foam Bath Pre-Soak
– Wheel Deep Clean
– Microfiber Hand Wash
– Physical Paint Decontamination (Clay bar)

– Chemical Decontamination (Iron Remover)
– De-ionized Water Rinse
– Compressed Air Dry
– Streak Free Glass Wipedown

 – Paint Prep
– Trims Masked Off
– Non-Sling Tire Shine
– Complimentary Vacuum & Interior Wipedown

PPF Products


Gloss Paint Protection Film

DYNOshield is a premium paint protection film offering top-notch performance, durability, and reliability. DYNOshield’s nano-glass top coat is bonded to the film at a molecular level during the manufacturing process, virtually eliminating the need for waxes or after-market top coatings. Hydrophobic and highly damage-resistant, DYNOshield also boasts super self-healing properties and puncture resistance, effectively shielding against surface-level nicks and scratches. Get in touch with us today to schedule an installation.


Matte Paint Protection Film

With DYNOmatte, we’ve extended the frontiers of both protection and style. Within its ultramodern matte finish, our premium paint protection film offers powerful protection against the major types of contamination and damage. Applicable to all body paint colors, DYNOmatte transforms the look and feel of your ride, turning heads for years to come. Contact us to have our professionals install DYNOmatte on your vehicle.

EXOshield GT3

Windshield Paint Protection Film

ExoShield GT3 is designed to deliver superior abrasion resistance, durability, and weatherability. The most optically clear film on the market, GT3 is virtually invisible once installed. GT3 uses proprietary nanocoatings technology to ensure no delamination and longer usable lifetime for your windshield protection.


Having paint protection film on your vehicle can help save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. By adding a layer of durable film to your car's paint job, you can protect it from scratches, dings, and other forms of damage that can occur on the road. Not only does this keep your car looking great, but it can also save you money in the long run by reducing the need for costly paint repairs or touch-ups. Plus, with our expert installation services, you can rest assured that your paint protection film will be installed correctly and look seamless on your car's exterior. Contact us today to schedule a PPF installation with us!

Many drivers have a strong attachment to their car; they want to keep it showroom-clean and safe. Some drivers would love to be able to wrap their car in bubble wrap to keep it clean and safe. Of course, it wouldn't be feasible to bubble wrap your vehicle, but there is something that keeps your paint shiny and scratch-free for years and also allows you to change the look of your car when you want to. If this sounds great to you, consider car wraps. Sometimes, technological advances give us something that we didn't even know we wanted, but once it's here, we wonder how we lived without it; this is the case with car wraps. These wraps are placed around your vehicle. No one can even tell they are there, but they keep the car clean and the paint safe. Anything that falls on the car lands on the wrap, where it won't do any damage. The car stays shiny and beautiful.

Paint Protection Film in Houston

Frequently asked questions

Paint Protection Film, commonly referred to as PPF or clear bra, is a thin and transparent urethane film that is applied to a vehicle to provide superior paint protection. It is virtually invisible and has the ability to self-heal small scratches and rock chips, keeping your car, truck, SUV, or EV looking new. The film can be applied in full or partial wraps, depending on the level of protection you desire. Partial PPF wraps are ideal for high-traffic areas like bumpers, side panels, and rocker panels. The quality of the PPF and the installation process are crucial factors that determine the level of paint protection and the final appearance of the vehicle. To achieve the best results, it is recommended to use the services of an experienced installer. Contact us to schedule an appointment for your PPF installation!

The primary benefit is the protection it provides against external damage such as scratches, rock chips, and road debris. The self-healing properties of PPF help maintain the appearance of your vehicle by eliminating small surface scratches and nicks. Additionally, PPF is an excellent option for preserving the original paint job on a new vehicle, increasing its resale value. PPF is also easy to maintain and is UV-resistant, preventing fading and yellowing. The film is also hydrophobic, meaning that it repels water, making it easier to clean and maintain a glossy finish. Paint Protection Film can last for several years, providing long-lasting protection and preserving the appearance of your vehicle. Paint Protection Film is a valuable investment for vehicle owners who want to protect their vehicles from external damage, preserve their original paint job, and maintain their appearance for years to come. With its numerous benefits, PPF is an excellent option for anyone who wants to keep their vehicle looking new and protected from the elements.

The cost of having Paint Protection Film applied to your vehicle is determined by various factors. These include the type of clear bra package you select, whether it’s a full or partial wrap, the desired finish, the condition of the vehicle before installation, and the quality of the film used. Luckily, Texas Auto Trim offers the best and cheapest PPF installation in the Houston area. We’ll match and beat any PPF installation quote! Get in touch with us today.

Both Paint Protection Film (PPF) and ceramic coatings provide premium protection for your vehicle, but each has unique protective features. PPF has self-healing properties, making it an ideal choice for protecting against rock chips, scratches, and other damage caused by road debris and weather-related elements. On the other hand, ceramic coatings offer an intense gloss and hydrophobic properties, causing water spots, bug splatter, and grime to easily slide off, making vehicle maintenance simple and effortless without sacrificing shine.

By combining PPF with a ceramic coating, you get the ultimate paint protection for your vehicle. Together, they prevent oxidation and acid damage, providing you with the ultimate protective barrier and an intense gloss, as well as an enhanced appearance for your vehicle. In summary, both PPF and ceramic coatings bring unique protective properties to the table, and combining them provides the best possible protection and appearance for your vehicle. Check out our Ceramic Coating service here

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